The American Cruisers Motorcycle Club

The American Cruisers MC started around 1999 in Long Beach California.

In Jan 2000 the ACRC was reorganized as the American Cruisers Alliance. The American Cruisers Alliance, LLC was organized to own and manage the American Cruisers Motorcycle Club and the American Cruisers Alliance.

 The Patch was designed with the Eagle on a rock and the flag around it.  The words American Cruisers was placed above and below the Eagle keeping everything as a one piece patch. 

The Purpose of the Club is to Ride and Enjoy the brotherhood and to support the communities we live in.  Each chapter is to pick a local charitable organization to support.

Originally the Name of the club was American Cruisers Alliance and was only considered a RC (Riding Club).   In 2000 the club name was changed to American Cruisers MC since the club was structured as a MC and following the rules of a MC. 

The mother chapter is located in Alabama with the National President being there as well. 

The American Cruisers MC is a non-territorial and neutral club following the rules of the MC world.  We are made up of hard working men and women with a love for motorcycles and supporting our communities.